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Salesforce Consulting

Our Salesforce Consulting services are designed for business leaders, owners and decision-makers. Our Professional Services help leaders to build tailor-made CRM strategies and plans for improvements.

Mine key sales data and make more informed, and pivotal business decisions. Our Salesforce consulting team works with your business to understand its specific requirements and deploy the right Salesforce Solutions to boost productivity and improve your customer’s journey.

Our Solutions Experts possess in-depth knowledge of the Salesforce Platform and Cloud Services. We will help your business to solve its specific CRM challenges and unlock its full potential.

We have more than a decade of experience in providing Professional Salesforce Services in various industries. We work with Financial Services & FinTech, Healthcare & Life Sciences, Media & Communications and other professional service industries.

We also deliver support and evolution services via our Managed Services Programme.

Salesforce Configuration

Our consultants work on Salesforce Configuration to ensure that you are implementing the right Salesforce Solutions for your business. We can help with modifying the User Interface, data models and business logic. We’ll also ensure you have the right business tools and cloud services embedded in your personal Salesforce Solution.

Configuration Services include:

  • Built-in features to generate custom business reports
  • Existing app customisation, as per your bespoke business requirements
  • Building custom Salesforce consoles
  • Integration of Salesforce environment with other business applications

Customise Salesforce

If your business needs more than the standard Salesforce configuration, our team of certified Salesforce Developers and Technical Architects will provide the skills and experience needed to fully customise your Salesforce Solution.

We use cloud services such as Lightning, Visualforce, Apex, and the platform. No solution is too complex for our consultants!

We recommend Salesforce Customisation during the configuration process when the business needs do not align with the standard Salesforce features or require a custom solution.

Salesforce Customisation is required when:

Salesforce Technicians working at desk
  • You require a business-specific customised experience
  • You have large amounts of data and complex business logic that cannot be fully covered with default Salesforce functionality.
  • Default or configured reports/dashboards do not reflect all the necessary data about your business processes.
  • Client Oriented UI Design – we help create highly compelling User Interface Design using Lightning Services to ensure that screen flows and elements are intuitive and improve efficiency.
Businessman working on documents

Salesforce Migration

Whether you’re just getting started with Salesforce, or have finally decided to bring an ageing programs database into the modern cloud era, we can help you with seamless Salesforce migration.

We’ll develop a no-obligation plan to migrate business data as part of our Discovery Mapping Programme. As well as field mapping, we’ll plan how your data will be transformed and improved to help support your business goals, initiatives and analysis.

Our team of Salesforce Experts will help efficiently migrate the correct solution, transfer customer data securely, minimise work disruptions and speed up user adoption.

Salesforce Integration

Single view and data sharing across platforms has become key to improving productivity and quality of operations. Having various business systems talking to each other helps to improve data flow and reduce operational costs.

Our consultants will help to seamlessly integrate Salesforce with other market-leading solutions. We use third-party integration tools, platform-relevant integration applications on AppExchange or platform integration solutions.

Our ability to understand our customer-specific integration means we can develop custom integration modules and tune integration apps from AppExchange.

As a result, we provide a cost-effective Salesforce Integration that helps your business to:

Businessman working on data
  • Connect the front office (including your sales, marketing and customer support team, along with the back office (like accounting, production and logistics departments.
  • Integrate external systems (like ERP, an e-commerce system, etc.)
  • Automate the business processes end to end.
  • Automate the business processes end to end. Enhance the user experience with a single authentication across multiple tools.
  • Get a 360-degree view of your customers and their behaviour.

Upgrading Salesforce

As your business grows, the need to extend the functionality of the Salesforce Platform may become apparent. You require custom add-ons or to incorporate technological advances into your Salesforce CRM to stay ahead of your competition.

Our Salesforce Upgrade Programme can assist with all of these needs and more.

Upgrading Salesforce
Team working on business project

Reworking Salesforce Projects

We work with Salesforce Enterprise Clients that are looking to rework Salesforce projects that haven’t gone to plan. You may have had poor Salesforce advice or tried to manage the project in-house with poor results.

There are several reasons why businesses may need to rework their Salesforce Services, but usually the original project has been badly designed and/or implemented. Our team of experts can assist clients who are suffering from the after-effects of a failed integration.

Consleague is dedicated to providing best-in-class solutions and is passionate about helping companies maximise the power of Salesforce correctly, thus finally delivering the ROI you are seeking for your business.

Unlock the power of Salesforce for your business by developing a detailed discovery approach to address complexities arising out of technology, people and processes.

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